April 2021

April 12, 2021

How to structure ourselves, accommodate students/families. Making sure everyone has what they need for their gifted students.

Maximizing student success tonight - April 12, 2021 link: https://www.northallegheny.org/mentalhealthpanel

Review of EAC (Elementary Advisory Committee), SAC (Secondary Advisory Committee), and SPLC (Superintendent Parent Liaison Committee) acronyms.

Dr. Sciullo moving on to Asisstant Superintendent - will get new Director of Stuudent Services.

Back to School survey (50% response) overwhelming amount to return in person.

8000 quarantines – keep sending the same letters, don’t reduce the amount of info being sent.

Back to school committee meeting every other week. Discussed frequency of letters, types of letters, more info better vs. less.

Prom is still on, social distance. Graduation 4 tickets per family. Field day, fifth grade graduations presented by faculty no volunteers.

NAPAGE Membership update: 13 members. Google form and Paypal available.

Intent of NAPAGE - collect Consumer concerns, find out what parents want to learn about.

GIEP planning: Older kids, spring giep, able to hold off. Some middle schools moved from spring to fall, but can’t hold off.

What are the normal things that would happen during our meetings.

Generally a speaker (college admissions, guidance counselors, social and emotional needs of gifted children) Then during an open forum, opportunity to discuss issues by school or whether it’s districtwide. Open to suggestions for speakers. Discuss about different parts of the school day.

Always looking to make sure gifted classes are staffed appropriately.

Keep Zoom meeting, find out the area speakers

Reach out to graduates for feedback

Hybrid meeting – Zoom is good, may be able to get speakers from outside the area.

Any tips for transition from middle to high school. Group of high schoolers tutoring middle school. Any guidance on getting into advanced science (math and english seem easy).

High school GOAL office: sends out the gifted options for the month to students and parents. Sent last Friday of the month. Clubs in blackboard. Talk to the GOAL teacher, better received if coming from the goal teacher rather than the parents.

Freedom to explore in middle school. Have SAMS, teachers do a good job of guiding students to try things (every nine weeks). Let them try anything they want because that’s the time to do it. Good time to find out what they like and especially what they don’t like.