February 8, 2021 Minutes

February 8th, 2021 NAPAGE minutes

Mrs. Schlosser presents

Pre-Covid previous 2 years, GOAL was staffed at 80%, and 20% for MTSS (Multi-tiered system of support)

4 classes of GOAL a week during the WIN time = 2 GOAL classes, 1 IO, and 1 WIN (what I need) session. On days without WIN gifted students did not meet with GOAL teacher. This was to avoid pulling them out of core classes, and to avoid making up work.

Not just based on numbers, but being able to meet WIN schedules. If staff was not with GOAL students, they were meeting with other students in that grade. (If not with gifted 1st graders, then with other 1st grade students for MTSS-Multi-Tiered System of Support needs)

9/2020 Staffing

Some buildings were low, others were higher and cohort mixes were different. Ex: Franklin (7 students, not a good use of time for that number.) Move staff around amongst the buildings with as little disruption as possible. A bit of trial and error. Ex: Combined Hosack and Peebles and move the percentage down to 40% (each building),

In the state of PA caseload for gifted services in 65 students to 1, and gifted teachers in district are under those numbers. Only gifted services being offered, no extra WIN support for non-GOAL students.. Enrichment students not priority. Some teachers are able to pull in, but not all. (Bradford Woods.)

Grades 2-5, all students receive equivalent of 2 periods of GOAL class time,and equivalent of 2 IO classes a week. IO time is asynchronous, but can be worked on in the GOAL room at buildings when 5 days of in-person instruction is happening.

Even if students are in person,not all days with a teacher. (ex: Peebles 2 days with a teacher, 2 days asynch-no GOAL teacher)

GOAL numbers by building 2/21

More students back in school, had a backlog of testing. No breakdown of new/current. Staffing remains at same levels described previously.

Elementary GOAL themes: Provides a continuity of experience. More important than ever to have the same shared experience as students move in/out of school:

  • 2nd grade The World Around Me , PETS primary education thinking skills

  • 3rd grade Architecture

  • 4th grade Mystery

  • 5th grade Entrepreneurial Thinking and Society (Mini Society). Had to modify the delivery. Still doing business and advertising, still effective.

Asynchronous work:

Elementary feedback from teacher, sloppy, rushed -haven’t heard of before with child (now in NACA),

How to encourage elementary kids maybe ask student to share what they’ve worked on with parents.

Some students are thriving with asynchronous work. Has been encouraging the GOAL teachers (for the asynch strugglers), to look at the GIEP needs differently. Gifted services doesn’t need to look the same for everyone else - modify giep. Opt out of the IO. We don’t set a number of minutes, overview is what it typically looks like. If it seems beneficial to take a step back from gifted services, it’s not leaving GOALl-bad student, it means right now the asynch work is not what they need. Conversations with child’s GOAL teacher. Gifted is a way to challenge, but not supposed to make them feel crushed/defeated. Find the balance. See it a lot this year - some may not need all 4 days of GOAL work, but some students do extra time and really thrive. (more than an hour of IO time). Talk with your child, and then the GOAL teacher to find out what they need. Gifted kids internalize more, anxious about extra workload looming. Things may look different this year, and that’s OK.

NACA 103 elementary GOAL students, most are from FES, BWE, Marshall elementary (same in general.)

Parent comment on NACA GOAL/Elementary: Mrs. Adams sought out the feedback of children to make classwork more reasonable. Feel more connected to the (elementary) program as a parent. Would like these check ins to continue. Can see as a viewer in the Blackboard Course Agenda if you’d like to see what your child is up to. (Something to talk about with the department on how they can better communicate with parents as more students move back into buildings. )

Mr. Kiggins presented

Teachers are beginning the approval process. English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Music, and World Language.

Scheduling and Electives Website: https://sites.google.com/northallegheny.org/scheduling-elective-fair/home

2021–2022 Scheduling Timeline:

  • February 8-12: Teachers notify students of next year course approvals.

  • February 22: 8th-11th School Counselors share scheduling presentation with students.

  • Feb 22 - Mar 5: School Counselors are available for scheduling discussions.

  • February 25: NAI Virtual Elective and Transition Fair for 8th and 9th grade parents and students

  • February 25: Principals/Counselor Virtual Coffee – 7:00 a.m. for 8th and 9th grade parents

  • March 5: Deadline for grades 8–11 students request to be completed and submitted.

  • March 5: Waivers due to respective School Counseling Offices for grades 8–11.

  • March 8-12: Counselors finalize scheduling process.

  • March 12-15: Scheduling Letter with final course approvals and selections emailed home to parents. Hand of scheduling to building admins for staffing determinations

  • March 15: Final changes submitted to School Counseling offices (no changes accepted after this date

Feb 22 school counselor kickoff access to student portal for course selection, when to choose electives.

Electives video (in-person counselors will do in person). 8th grade naca and 9-12 naca

From 2/22 - march 5 - can change classes as many times as they want. Still plenty of flexibility. Call make appointments to get with a counselor.

Waiver recommendations and deadlines

If you disagree, waivers will still be accessible via google form check off course, and upload parent note. Due March 5. Waive up one level of a class. To move back, they can just discuss with counselor Honors to Academic. Asked for the highest approved class to allow for scheduling flexibility.

“Are the recommendations taking into account the fact that this is not a typical year and some students may not show their best abilities“ Will be taken into consideration. Talk to the teacher after receiving approval. A lot of communication this year to make the best choice.

NAI transition elective fair:

Virtual event 2/25. Set up as a Q/A. Discussions for a similar event at NASH (honors/ap night), previously it was minimally attended. Some push for assistance for transition.


Schedule what they want to take - where is the need, is there enough to offer a section at all? Choose the class they want for certain. Administration will determine how to deliver. For those trying to find electives, hoping to be better this year. They will want to run sections in NACA if enough students.

No NACA specific classes, but will see how students select classes to help for staffing.

Program of Studies: Every 8th grade student has the right to have a hard copy, and it doesn’t change much from year to year.

School Choice:

Families will be asked if attending NACA or In-Person the week of March 1-5, rest of this year, and into summer. No NACA specific classes, but will see how students select classes to help for staffing.

Counselor Question: is there a plan to have counselors stay with the students for four years so they can really get to know them and help with college process?

The best thing about not doing that is NASH counselors are really good at what they do, but they do know the college admissions process. There’s a path between 9,10 to 11,12 counselors - ability to share the special information about each student. More streamlined and effective. Alphabet aligned better, and the ratios for counselors are better.

Secondary GOAL, field trips: Can NACA kids participate in the in-person field trips. Things that are accessible to one building are accessible to all. (Can’t specifically answer one way or another, other than it potentially accessible.)

In-Person return to school for 9-12:

From SPLC, still working on in-person 9,12 all day one week, alternate. Trying full class, but not full building.

Next meeting:

April 12, 2021 at 930a on Zoom. If on mailing list will get a link invite, otherwise email to get on list. Thank you!