May 2021

Review purpose of NAPAGE

(from website) provide representation to NA student’s advisory committee

Consumer concerns

Meet with Dr. Sciullo and Sherry Schlosser to bring up what was discussed in meeting.

Dr. S Asst superintendent beginning July 1, that person would report to Dr. S deadline May 9

Top concerns last meeting

-covid tracker

-Bus letter bus number and seat number, fill it back to front.

-Lunch guarantee at least 6’ apart, can’t guarantee that stay that far apart.

-How to handle parents that go back to work with kids in quarantine.

-How long will vaccine last

-Rapid testing acceptable

-Remote learning (sick or quarantine) cannot attend most classes, teacher ignore, others great experience, what happens when more kids go back how does remote learning work. How to improve for a continuity of education.

-student vaccinations not required

-40-50 connected to each other, maybe not school but probably activities.

-back to school survey

-Rentry plan for kids that have been in cyber

-Mental health:

-revising student code of conduct (differentiate between elementary and secondary)

-continue some type of wellness wednesday. Why are we doing it. Students were asking for it (time to make things up, reach teachers, then try to add in programs for afternoon

-HIgh school GOAL - bring back graduates

-HS electives in NACA (may be hard to get, looking for more well rounded offerings)

-GIEP timing - they go back and forth between beginning and end of year. Anybody can reopen

-GOAL is going into social studies time (concern about compacting and delivery)

-Primary coming, vote for school board

-Elementary students will stick with their cohorts next year

-No field trips in first semester

-Maybe limited volunteers

-Made sure student services stays under Dr. S

-special ed and gifted services are about equal in the district

Update on middle school delivery

Student services advisory council: gac and seac now. How to get that group together. Ssac

-open house

-volunteers for next year

-hybrid meeting for NAPAGE, what other types of meetings.

Page conference november 2021

Back to school planning

Program review