November 9, 2020 Minutes

Consumer Concerns

NAPAGE and PAGE membership

News and events in community

Future meetings

Upcoming meetings in the district

January usually a college speaker

College - Kids write the essay (they can tell if it’s the kid, and if they really want to be there) Send in a score if it’s a good score, and if unable to/or not taking a test . don’t stress out. Think about who is writing the teacher recommendation/don’t just pick anyone. Surprised with the amount of lack of involvement by the counselor. Kids need to be proactive - initiate the conversation. Do the test when you feel comfortable, not all colleges dropped the requirement especially for scholarships. Whatever you can do early, do it early.

Keystones are still on.

10th Grade GOAL - Mrs. Boyd helping with NACA NASH. It was nice to have a familiar face. Powerpoint of options what’s available for the month. Students sign up. Pretty impressed with the amount of activities even though virtual. Going pretty smoothly. Excited that GOAL staff

Middle school

Going pretty well


A bit overwhelming at first, received a survey about how to best deliver GOAL. Receive a weekly newsletter, and now more manageable where the kids look forward to it. Initially the teachers maybe didn’t understand needs, but now easier to structure when there was goal/interest in mind. Not much integration among subjects - instead of double work. Supplement the extra time with other activities. Only using WIN and GOAL (follow up at this 1:26pm) for educational support

SSAC - Student Services Advisory Council

Change GAC to be his group of advisers. Not scheduled again until January. Will send out a questionnaire, and get some dates.