October 2021

October 4, 2021 Meeting

NAPAGE minutes

Student services advisory council - meets 3x a year

Looking for officers for next year's NAPAGE group.

Membership with Rebecca

Sue G. spoke about SAC, SPLC

All the GOAL teachers are in place in the buildings

-mix of veteran teachers, and new teachers

-going as smoothly as they can

-open houses at middle and elementary

GIEPs happening around their anniversary dates

-elementary (about a year apart)

-middle and high - near beginning of school year. NASH and NAI the student is included.

Formative and Summative grading:

question for Sue: What is the reasoning behind the formative/summative assessment grading

-work on scores and classes are consistent between teachers and buildings

-test should NOT be the only summative way to assess learning

-should have opportunities to make up tests, ways to do better.

-no way to make it up you tank a grade

-some teachers do not care, or understand or on board.

-if your child has a special need (oral test vs.written test)

-multiple tests in one day/week self-advocate to adjust schedule

Introducing study skills, but probably starting next year.

Middle school

-MMS - transition from reading to social studies has gone well. SS teacher appreciate having the goal students together. In hindsight maybe things could be smoother, but going well.

List of recommended or influential colleges in the area

-NASH counselor getting info when colleges on campus, in Naviance too

Counselors (high school)

-most kids don’t know/interact with counselor.

-schedule time with counselor

-I think unless your student is having issues, they're not going to know their counselor

-goal kids can go to the goal office in the lunch room, but they never go to the lunchroom they will never find the office.

-high schoolers need them most, but have the least access.

Middle school - all counselors meeting kids

Some colleges require counselor recommendations and if they don't know the students it's a problem...

7:00 AM @ NAI In person -please enter through the Auditorium doors

NASH counselors are really great at placing students with colleges.

Students hesitate or think there’s a stigma about visiting the counselors. The kids need to have a good reason to meet, because it’s hard to schedule/meet up.